Ludwig Drum Restoration Project

This was the perfect kit for me to start with. Most of the work needed was cosmetic. The shells were in great shape, and most of the hardware was there, intact, and in good shape. I knew the bearing edges would need a little touch up, as the bottom heads had been off for years (yes, the concert tom era). Click on any thumbnail for a larger view, or to start the slideshow. There are a few notes in the slides, and a narrative below.

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Studio Build 5 – Tape, Paint, Electrical

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Getting close to the home stretch now, but still a couple major things to do. The taping (plastering) is next and it’s a big job I am incapable of doing. Fortunately, my cousin Roger (who helped with framing) is also a master taper with years of experience. He very generously offered to do the taping and finishing for me.

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Studio Build 4 – Interior Rough-in

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The next step is interior rough-in. Now that the building is weather tight and the framing inspection is passed, I can go ahead and start wiring, insulating, and drywall. Much of this was me alone and took me quite a few evenings and weekends spread out over a couple months. I did have help at strategic times though. I never would have been able to do it all on my own.

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Studio Build 2 – The Framing Weekend

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This was the big push. It was late in the year and we were racing the clock against winter. I really didn’t want to do this in the snow. Finally, the site was ready, the lumber and trusses were onsite, and on the last weekend in October, several of us gathered and put the building up in two days.

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Studio Build 1 – Site Prep and Foundation

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In late August of 2018, I finally got to start what had been a life-long dream, and begin building a personal music and art studio. I had an old large shed on my property that was there when I bought the land in the mid-1980’s. The first step was to tear down that old building, and prepare the land so I could build something new in it’s place.

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